Min Seo Park Priest

Father Min Seo's Mass


Father Min Seo's Mass
Pope Benedict
First Communion
St. Patrick's April 10, 2010
Archbishop Dolan
Christmas Party Dec 18, 2011
June 2, 2013
Father Min Seo
Bishop's Mass July 20 1914
Picnic Aug 2 2014

Min Seo Park

Ordained a Priest

July 6, 2007

Before the Ordination

All the future priest lie on the floor. The people pray, asking all the saints to help them.

The Ordination

The Cardinal puts his hands on Min Seo, then says a special prayer and Min Seo becomes a priest.

In the clothes of a priest

After Min Seo has become a priest, another priest puts on the special clothes Min Seo will need to celebrate Mass.

His First Mass

Father Min Seo joins all the other new priests to celebrate his first Mass with the Cardinal.

Father Min Seo Park

Father Min Seo with Margaret Shea of Poughkeepsie

Father Min Seo Park

Father Min Seo with Sr. Janet and Alberta Jong Ok Jung